Posted 10/21/2020

Dear visitors,
This year has been crazy, no? We had so many big plans and everything feels so unsettling.

Well, I have some news to share! I know with this pandemic many of you may be without your original vendors due to many of them booking up to two years advanced and so their schedule may have already been booked for 2021 prior to the pandemic. So I want to help! I am getting rid of my current pricing. If you are still stuck without a wedding videographer and would like something professional AND affordable then look no further! I 

have revamped my packages. I am going to remove the Half package but offer a FULL package in its place for just $1850! The Micro package is still being offered for $975. So you have two options at the moment which are being offered until December 31st 2020 but the price is good for all of 2021 no matter what time of year you will have your wedding date. I still have a lot of availability throughout the year except for July. I know many of you might have to move your date to an off-season month which is totally fine! Lets get you setup!FULL - $1850MICRO - $975The Full package comes with 12 hour coverage that includes Preparation footage, and a 15 minute cinematic feature as well as cinematic micro reel AND raw footage from Camera B. We have great add-on features which are not going to be discounted but the price cut on the package does make it more affordable! We have a great music team to help with your wedding music!


At MacMagic Creative we love being inspired and moved emotionally. Our videos aren’t just wedding videos, they are films. Do you remember what it’s like to go back and watch your old home movies? Thats the feel we craft into our work for our clients … we mix the cinematic appearance of a wedding film with a classic home movie feel, or as we like to call ‘cinemagic home movies’! If certain family or friends couldn’t make it to your big day, they will without a doubt feel like they were there once they watch it. It’s fun, beautiful, stylish, and unique to your own special day. While we create with a certain style, no wedding film we’ve done is exactly the same as the last one. Each couple has been able to feature their own personality through their film. We can create a film that will help you bring back those memories for a lifetime.So, If you’d like to discuss booking feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a FaceTime call!

Please stay safe! cant wait to share your big day with you!

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