Emily + Mike 

My Husband and I LOVED having Kelly caputure our big day! It is honestly such a treat being able to look back at our wedding day not only in photos but in a video and Kelly not only made that possible but did an amazing job doing so! We would ABSOLUTELY recommend her! If you want a videographer she is the one to have capture your special day!! I cant rant and rave enough about her. She is wonderful!!

 Jenny + Aaron 

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Kelly to any couple looking for an authentic, creative, and magical wedding video. We have been married two years and we still look at our video (even more so than the photos!). Kelly was amazing to work with, easy going and friendly and when I asked her to do a video that was more my style, she delivered my vision exactly as I hoped. Thank you again Kelly

 Caroline + Dave 

The video Kelly put together of our wedding made me cry! Other people said it made them cry too! It captured us so perfectly! She got a lot of candid shots which was great b/c my husband is sometimes camera shy, so she got him laughing and having fun which I was so happy about. I got many many compliments on the video, and I love having it to look back on and remember the day. Kelly was super nice the whole day as well. Five stars! Superb!!! Could not be more pleased. : ) Thank you Kelly! <3

 Hitha + Seth 

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Asena + Kreg
Caroline + Dave
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Ashley + Kevin
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