Kelly is the owner and creator of MacMagic Creative, a wedding videography service specializing in home movie-like films. 

How I got started in weddings is a crazy story. Never did I think I'd get into wedding videography. But here I am!  

Between 2006 and 2013 I was making amateur videos on a few different subjects, but wanted to be a storyteller through all of them. I had an interest in making documentaries and then found myself working in the standup comedy scene, filming sets of some of the most famous and popular comedians. 


In 2014, a friend of mine in that same scene was getting married. One day that summer I received a text from them, asking if I could film their wedding day and put together the video. I had never done a wedding video before, but I was not new to videography so I thought 'why not?' and boy was I thrown for a loop. It was a BIG day and although I was a bit unprepared the video turned out pretty great for my first one (special shoutout to their photographer who helped me out throughout the day!) But I admit I was overwhelmed, insecure, and didn't think I was cut out for this and was afraid of ever doing one again, so I didn't. After rewatching my work on that video several times, I decided to jump back in when my M-F job was decreasing, finding myself with a lot more free time and less money, so I figured maybe this could be a job? And I booked three weddings that spring.


Still new to the whole thing, my videos were actually turning out pretty amazing, using my own familiar style I've applied in the comedy scene, and making a true keepsake to couples.


Over the years i've had to juggle being a caregiver during the week and making room for starting this business but I realized this is what I want to do as my career. Why? Because I love helping make memories and sharing the fun and emotions that come with life. Regardless of weddings, I just love making videos overall and we should all do something we love even if it's a job, too. I've never been trained in it, I never assisted anyone to learn, I taught myself videography and editing by trial-and-error and if my videos were that good as a brand new wedding vendor, then maybe this is a true calling for me ... and now I have over 20 wedding videos in my portfolio! I have now spent the better part of 2019 making this become my actual job.