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Kelly Mcaulley is a writer and visual artist, and a third generation New Yorker. Although she has been writing since age 9, and a trained dancer since age 3, she got started in videography through her involvement on the New York comedy scene at 16 years old. 


A big fan of Saturday Night Live, she frequently grouped together with friends and got tickets to the show after school and from there had learned of the UCB Theatre. She took classes in 2008 after attending many shows at the theatre and met stand up comic, Seth Herzog. In 2010, she jumped in for a friend to take tickets at the door at Zog's weekly show "Sweet with Seth Herzog" where she met a whole new gang of comics and eventually spent 6 years at the show, later moving to photographer/videographer role.  During her time with "Sweet" she has worked with other Fallon cast/crew on various projects, did guest video work for Nerdist and The Chris Gethard Show, as well as doing Zog's wedding video in 2014. Between 2011 and 2012, she won two awards in Illustrative photography, and two in writing. In 2015, she began writing her own material and wrote/directed/edited her first short film, that was part of a mental health gallery.. She is currently producing a series went back into acting, and started a business as a wedding videographer/editor where she found a consistent balance in producing new content. 


Aside from being an artist, she has also been a Starbucks barista, a carnie, and a caregiver. She will totally brag about the time she got to see Prince live and once met Johnny Depp. 

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