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I'm Kelly, sometimes I prefer Kel, and I'm a 4th generation New York City girl who was raised near the beach. I'm a female filmmaker, writer, former trained dancer who still likes to dance, once played on an all girls soccer team and an all boys soccer team. I'm bisexual. I have had ADHD since I was 10 years old and took medication for, something I'm very open about. Although my favorite music is Green Day and Prince or house remixes to pop music, I usually work on my films while listening to martini jazz or space ambience. Always 'yes' to a Tom Hanks movie. I couldn't live without my iPod (.. or now streaming apps, i guess) I drink coffee even though it does nothing for me. I'm a beer drinker.  Always 'yes' to tacos. I loved school but was terrible at it. Always 'yes' to peanut butter cups. I'm a sucker for nostalgic shit. I have 5 tattoos .. and if you were going to ask, then yes, .. the longest I sat for a tattoo was 3 and 1/2 hours straight. I need to start my day by getting dressed even if I'm working from home or else nothings getting done. I grew up riding motorcycles with my dad. I collect tshirts. I have acted in a few TV episodes and films. I will always brag about seeing Prince live, was once featured on Janet Jackson's Instagram page, and met Johnny Depp twice. 



Kelly Mcaulley is a writer and visual artist, and a third generation New Yorker. Although she has been writing since age 9, and a trained dancer since age 3, she got started in videography through her involvement on the New York comedy scene at 16 years old. 


A big fan of Saturday Night Live, she frequently grouped together with friends and got tickets to the show after school where she accumulated an impressive list of musical performances seen live in the studio. It was the ultimate experience for a kid with no concert ticket money. During this time, Kelly had also launched a website for Bill Hader that became popular in the SNL community as the two collaborated on providing interactive fan content. The website was a positive outlet and distraction for her during a difficult time with losing her father and grandparents within a year, while struggling with health issues. Through SNL she had learned of the UCB Theatre in 2006. She took an improv class in 2008 after attending many shows at the theatre and met stand up comic, Seth Herzog. In 2010, she jumped in for a friend to take tickets at the door at Zog's weekly show "Sweet with Seth Herzog" where she met a whole new community of comics and eventually spent 6 years at the show, later moving on to photographer/videographer role for four of those six years. 


During her time with "Sweet" she has worked with other Fallon cast/crew on various projects and guest work as a videographer/editor for Nerdist, The Chris Gethard Show, and Kevin McDonald's (of 'Kids In The Hall') one man show, as well as doing Zog's wedding video in 2014 which launched her own business as a female filmmaker in the wedding industry. 


Between 2011 and 2012, she won two awards in Illustrative photography and two in writing. In early 2015, she began writing her own material and wrote/directed/edited/produced her first short film that lead to a full series revolving around mental health topics inspired by her own experience. The first episode 'Redemption' was chosen to be displayed at a mental health summit in Boston. After appearing in her own films she went back into acting on a few film and TV projects. Kelly says being a female filmmaker in both her own creative material and the wedding business she found herself a consistent balance in producing new content. 

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